Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Day #4: Catamaran, Iguana Island, French pool, parade

We woke up this morning to higher winds and clouds.  What a bummer, because we already booked a catamaran trip.  We ate breakfast at the buffet and headed out.  Here I am with the girls on the back of the boat.

Here's Brian and Tina.

After we got moving, we moved to the front of the boat.

Sails up!

Our first stop was for snorkeling.  The water was rough, so most people didn't try it.  I decided to give it a try, but I wouldn't let Mallory out there.  I lasted all of 5 minutes and I had to fight not to drift with the waves.  It wasn't worth it at all.  I saw one fish and worked really hard to do it.

Our next stop was awesome...Iguana Island.  It's really a nature reserved named Little Water Cay.  The small island, or cay, is home to the few remaining Rock Iguanas that used to cover most of the islands in the Turks and Caicos. We saw a ton of them!  

We walked along a path to the beach and took some fun pictures.

If you look in front of the bush, you can see one of the iguanas.

A Beaches photo guy was there and got a picture of all 10 of us.

They had on matching swimsuits.

I love this picture of them getting a selfie with the iguana in the back!

We saw more on our walk back to the boat.

Fruity drinks.

Next stop was for sliding and jumping off the catamaran.  I think everyone in our group, except my sister and Edee went down the slide.  Here's my dad getting in on the action!

And Mallory!

Chase was never graceful going out of the slide!

My girls with Nana and Papa.

Steve was a little weary to jump off the side of the boat, but he did it.

Chase did a flip.

I did a leap off.

My dad dove in!

We could have spent all day jumping and sliding off the boat!  It was so fun!  But it was almost time to head back.  So we listened the DJ play some music.  Mallory danced with Big Cheese, one of the employees.  She had fun!

We really just snacked for lunch today.  A couple sandwiches on the catamaran and some stuff from a buffet by the pool.  Our cabana by the pool had an iguana today.  So cute!

The French pool is nice as well.  Not as big as the Italian, but it's still really nice.

After a little pool time, we got some ice cream and cotton candy at Bobbie D's.

And we ran into Big Bird.

We got home to find bubble baths drawn in each of the 3 bathrooms.  This was in the master (our room).  I decided to use it, and I couldn't believe it was still warm!

The girls went to an early dinner with my parents at Bobbie D's.  I wasn't there to witness Edee as a pirate, but I got the picture from my parents.

While they were gone, Steve and I got dressed in our resort evening attire (collared shirt and no shorts for men) to go to a nice dinner.

 But first we met the girls on the parade route.

We had a nice spot to wait for the parade to start.

The parade was fun!

The band was really loud!

Edee liked the mermaids.  There were 2 in the parade.

All the Sesame Street characters were there too.

I love this picture.  The girls were so excited they stopped to take a picture with them!

Then they followed the parade to the stage show.  Edee was bouncing and dancing around the whole time.  It was cute to watch her!

She got a hug from Ernie.

Then he took her hand and let her walk with him awhile in the parade.  So fun!

After the short stage show, they let kids go up on stage to dance.  The girls jumped around.

Then Steve and I left the girls with my parents and we went to Sopadillas...one of the nice restaurants on the resort.  It was lovely!  We arrived and had a small crab salad.  Next was calamari, which was delicious.  Then I got the lobster tail pictured below.  Steve had halibut.  Everything was delicious!

After dinner we walked out on the dock to see if we could see any fish.  We saw a few barracudas.  Fun!

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