Saturday, March 11, 2017

International Dance Challenge

We had an early morning today for Mallory first dance competition of the year in Lawrence.  We arrived at 8:15 and scoped out a great dressing room.  Then she stretched some in the practice room.

Let's Get Loud did great!  This is Brooke, Mallory, Scarlett and Ainsley.

Edee came to watch in her Nallia hool of dance t-shirt.  It was Mallory's and the "sc" are gone.  :)

I'm mad at myself for not getting a group picture of these cute things in their costume.  But I did get this silly picture.

Let's Get Loud ended up getting a High Gold.  The rankings are Platinum, High Gold and Gold.  So it wasn't the highest and it wasn't the lowest.  I think they did great!

On our way home that night, we stopped at Sylas and Maddy's for some ice cream.  That's a single and she couldn't eat the whole thing!

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