Sunday, April 23, 2017

Family Camp

I was really disappointed when Mallory got sick before our favorite family weekend of the year.  Here are the years past.  I seem to link these almost every year.  But it's fun to look back.
2010--it snowed & we didn't make it

The weekend turned out much better than anticipated on Friday evening.  But I'll get to that.  So after Mother/Daughter Tea, Edee and I headed out to camp.  We pretty much just went to bed in Pete's Cabins.  Luckily she fell asleep quickly, because our neighbors arrived shortly after she went to sleep and weren't really quiet.  I wasn't asleep yet, and they didn't wake up it wasn't a big deal.  I actually didn't sleep much Friday night.  I knew we should have just stayed at home and got a good night's sleep.  

Saturday morning we headed up for breakfast and a little play time before our service project work began.  The newest play feature is a drainage slide.  The kids loved it!  

Edee, Hattie, Esme, Eloise and Soren

I was tasked with leading a group to some horse trails for clearing.  We found this tree down on a path along the way.  We didn't have chainsaws to take care of that!

Edee mulched trees with another group.  I guess she did a good job!  Here's a picture of her with some of her friends.

Edee, Harper, Esme and Hattie

Then there was time to play before lunch.  

Mallory was feeling better by this point, so they decided to come up.

After lunch, Steve tried out the slide.  He said there was too much friction.  He didn't go very fast, but neither did the kids.

Then it was time for the annual scavenger hunt.  Edee was not interested.  She just wanted to play in the creek.  So Hattie and her mom Sara joined us for a creek walk.

After the scavenger hunt, Mallory wanted to creek walk too.  So I took them to a different section of the creek.

There's a waterfall at that section.

Edee, my fossil hunter, found one.

Then it was dinnertime with a little more playtime.

And then we had a campfire.  Here a little guy Edee's age, Ivan, is telling a story.  The kids were cracking up.

We ended up having a great weekend!  I'm so glad Mallory and Steve got to join us!  Maybe next year we'll all be healthy the whole time!  

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