Sunday, May 7, 2017

First Real Camp Out!

I took my Brownies on their first real camp out.  We've stayed in permatents before at Day Camp, but we haven't cooked over a fire.

Here's Mallory and I as twins before we left.

We went to Camp Prairie Schooner and stayed in the Pack Train camp site.  There are 8 permatents that each sleep 4 and we only had 12 girls and 5 adults.  I'm glad we had our choice of so many, because there were hornets circling a few of them.  We found enough clear of hornets.

The biggest scream for the weekend came from Jayden after finding this spider.  It was pretty big, so I think it warranted the scream.

Smoke eyes..Mallory, April and Kelsey

We cooked our food over the fire, but we opted for easy this first time out.  We cooked hotdogs and mac and cheese.  The mac and cheese really just had to be headed.

I did bring a few crescent rolls if anyone wanted to try those wrapped around their hotdogs.  Mallory was the patient one and cooked her nicely.

It was a little chilly in the morning.  But overall, the weather was perfect!!!!

Breakfast was what Steve calls garbage.  We browned sausage, added scrambled eggs, canned potatoes and cheese.  It was really yummy!

Jayden, Kelsey, Lauren H, Lauren S, Zadie, Jill, Rylee, April and Mallory

Here's what a permatent looks like....we were on cots.  This is Zadie, Kelsey, April and Mallory.

From the back of our campsite was Sunset Rock.  We ventured down there after breakfast to check it out.

front: Lauren H, Lauren S, Brooklyn, Zadie, Ella
back: Mallory, Kelsey, April

Here's all 12 girls that came:
front: Amy, Lauren S, Zadie, Lauren H, Brooklyn, April, Kelsey
back: Rylee, Ella, Jayden, Mallory, Morgan

I look a little over-compensating for my sleepiness or something.

There was a flagpole, so we decided to practice flag ceremonies.  The girls get to do that this summer at Day Camp.  So I didn't want them to be completely clueless.  Here they are folding the flag.

We really had a great time!  Can't wait to do it again!  Hopefully we always have that perfect weather!!

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