Monday, May 29, 2017

Trail Riding

After church on Sunday, we headed for our first bike ride of the year.  We drove the bikes to Little Mill Creek Park and headed off on the trails from there.  We went a bit different way, which included a few more hills.  And Edee did great!

Monday we decided to hit a different bike trail.  This time we got on the trail at Midland Road and headed north.  My intent was to bike to Johnson Drive, but Edee's legs were tired.  Luckily there was a park at the Barker Road access point.  So we stopped and played there a bit before heading back south to out van.  I never got any pictures of the girls on the bikes, it was a pretty crowded trail.  You just get this silly static picture of Edee's hair.

Steve came home late Monday evening to report that his dad was bad off.  He felt guilty for leaving his mom and sisters to care for him.  But he needed to work, so back he came.

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