Saturday, June 17, 2017

Roller Derby

My Brownie (well, now Junior) Girl Scouts read Roller Girl, a graphic novel for their last book club.  So we decided to attend a roller derby.  And it just happened to work out that the only night that worked was the same day I came back from camp with Edee.  Yowsa!  So off to another Girl Scout event.  Edee and Steve were going to come along, but Edee was pooped out.  Me too kid.

We had 6 of my Girl Scouts come along.  We also had 6 other siblings and 7 adults.  It was a good sized group.  Here's some pictures before the bout.

Mallory, April and Zadie

front: Mallory, April, Ella, Zadie
back: Zaiya, Jayden, Amy

It's really hard to capture any action shots.  So I took a shot of them giving high-fives to the other team.  The Nashville girls are the blurs.  I thought this picture turned out pretty neat.

The only things I knew about roller derby I learned from the book.  So...a very basic understanding.  I caught on a bit more watching, but I still don't know all the rules.

I know there were some girls that I really enjoyed watching as jammers.  They were super strong and athletic....jumping in their skates.  So cool!  I also know our team dominated.  Here's the final score.

After the bout, the girls were invited down on the court for a picture.  Some other kids joined in as well.  All of those aren't mine.

Then they got a picture with Xcelerator.  This was her last bout, she's retiring.

They had an official photographer there.  These are his pictures...he had a big flash.

It was really fun!  I wouldn't mind going again.  But I might need to study up on the rules.  Mallory had an awesome comparison.  She said my understanding of roller derby is like her understanding of football.  She understands the gist, but is lost with the details.  I think she's right!

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