Saturday, July 22, 2017

Branson Vacation - Saturday - Pool

My parents have the cottage through Sunday.  But Mallory is going to Heartland church camp Sunday.  So we decided we better take her home today.  But we don't need to leave right away.  So we headed to the pool first thing in the morning.

The slide was slow!

It was hot and started to get crowded, so we didn't last too long.  Steve, Mallory and I headed home in 2 cars after lunch.  Mallory decided to ride with Steve.  I wasn't too disappointed, because I had just got the soundtrack to Hamilton, the musical.  I wanted to listen to the whole thing.  And I did.  :)

Edee got to stay one more day with my parents.  They are taking her on the Branson Belle Showboat tomorrow.  It's a princess and pirate cruise.  Should be fun!

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