Wednesday, July 26, 2017


We dropped Mallory off at camp on Sunday.  She ended up in a Trailblazer group of 13 boys!  One of the coolest differences about camp from when I was on staff to now is that they post pictures online for parents to see.  How cool is that!?!  So here are the pictures I downloaded of her time at camp.

Sunday--after we dropped her off.  

Monday--Making something in the craft lodge.

Swimming in the awesome new pool.


Water Olympics--relay relay with a sweatshirt

Relay with a watermelon covered in shortening.

Tuesday--Cooking her hotdog

Jenna, Mallory, Madeline and Kennedi

I got one picture Wednesday when I picked her up with her counselors.....Jenna & Grace.

She had a great time!  She knew a lot of the staff and volunteers.  So it was fun for her to see adults that she knew out there all week.

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