Tuesday, October 31, 2017

Halloween Festivities

 The Cub Scouts invited the Girl Scouts to a Halloween event last week.  Here are a few of my Girl Scouts dressed up...sort of.  Mallory was a cat.  Lauren a koala, April a gorilla and Jayden a zombie. 

My little girls were much sweeter.  Addison was a fairy and Edee was Belle. 

Sunday night we carved a pumpkin.  Love this picture of Edee cleaning out the guts! 

Mallory did a lot of the carving. 

On Halloween Mallory dressed in her old Let's Get Loud outfit to be a disco dancer. 

Edee was Belle again. 

Mrs. Hall's first grade class: 

Riley, Evelyn, Narley, Maddox
Marie, Christopher, _______, Liam, Charlotte, Cate, Joseph, Mason
Ozzy, Ethan, Samya, Addyson, ________, Rylan, Ty, Edee, Avalin, Anthony & ___________

Mrs. Greene's 4th grade class: 

Savannah, Lauren, Summer, ________, Jennie, __________
Charles, Lyli, Lydia, Jayden, Emily, Mason, Luke
Morgan, Mallory, Damien, Ethan, Dequan, _____________, Ella

They made some really awesome slime at their party.

It was really cold on Halloween night, so Mallory had a costume change.  Luckily we have a plethora of options.  She ended up being a witch, so she could dress warmer. 

Before adding coats to the outfits! 

The final product! 

Edee was more into trick-or-treating this year than in the past.  She still didn't make it that long.  We were the farthest away from our house when she decided she was done.  I told her we were heading back towards home.  But she was DONE.  We didn't stop at anymore houses along the route back.  We left Steve and Mallory out to hit a few more houses. 

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