Friday, January 12, 2018

Cupcake Challenge

Yesterday I was busy baking cupcakes.  Steve needed cupcakes for an employee taking another job within the Fed.  They got the Oreo cupcakes on the right.  And the girls had a cupcake decorating challenge with Girl Scouts.  They got the ones on the left. 

Here are m sweet daisies that participated:  Addyson, Ella, Riley, Edee and Rylan. 

They provided icing and other candies and such to decorate with.  But I'm a snob about icing.  I love the buttercream frosting that I make, so I brought my own. 

These are Edee's creations.  I love the Cookie Monster ones!

Mallory busy decorating. 

Edee entered her Cookie Monster in the category "Best Use of Girl Scout cookies." 

These are the ones entered for the cutest cupcake.

Mallory's entry into that category....her poop emoji. 

Here are my juniors that participated:  Emily, Amy & Mallory.

It was a fun night! 

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