Saturday, February 17, 2018

Cookies, Cookies, Cookies!

Girl Scout cookie season is upon us.  We've been delivering cookies that we sold all week.  This weekend started our cookie booths.  I booked the circle drive at Trailridge Middle School for 2 Saturdays.  My junior troop had it for 4 hours today.  Steve was out of town, so Edee had to put on her uniform and help.  We stayed for the first 2 hours. 

We had to work to get business! 

Then Edee had her booth at Hy-Vee from 1-3.  The weather really improved and these little girls did great! 
Kennedy, Charlotte and Edee

Even their 1st grade teacher came by!  Here's Addyson, Edee, Mrs. Hall, and Charlotte. 

Mallory troop sold 182 boxes in 4 hours.  They had to work hard and it was cold for those first 2 hours!  They did work in shifts.  But I was really impressed with that total! 

Edee's troop sold 197 boxes in 2 hours!!!!  That was awesome! 

I think that was a great first weekend.  We might be able to sell out of our inventory with next weekend's booths.  We'll see.....some of that is weather dependent. 

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