Wednesday, March 14, 2018

Kansas State Capitol, Gage Park & Topeka Zoo

Today we headed to Topeka to visit the State Capitol.  We arrived and joined a tour group just getting started.  We thought it was a dome tour, but it was a historical tour.  After about 5 minutes I realized he wasn't leading us to the dome and we bailed.  There is no way Edee would have put up with that.  Once we managed to find the right place, we joined another group going to visit the dome.  It was the Sabetha 3A state football championship team.  They were all dressed up for the capitol visit. 

Here's a picture looking up from the 5th floor, where the tour started.  There were 3 separate landing areas, so we didn't have to climb the nearly 300 steps all at once. 

Our first pause in steps was still inside the dome.  You can see the girls over there in the light. 

Our next pause was between the inner dome and outer dome.  The inner dome is made of 256 glass panels. 

These were the steps up to the outside viewing area.  Edee really didn't like the spiral steps at the very top. 

But with a lot of encouragement she made it!  Some of the football players stayed down on the last level.  They didn't even try!  :)

After we left, we looked back up to see the viewing deck we were on. 

The girls decided it really didn't look that high up. 

Our next stop was Gage Park.  It was empty!  I don't think I've ever seen it this dead.  The girls had the run of all the statues. 

Then we ate a picnic lunch and headed to the zoo.  They are still doing a lot of construction, so a lot of areas were closed.  But we still saw some animals.  My favorites were the orangutans.  This little guy was a baby years ago when we went.  He's still cute and active. 

They have a new baby at the zoo.....a sloth!  Too bad the sloths always hide in the corners of the tropical dome.  We talked to a nice zookeeper here.  He said this was Jackie and her 3-month old baby sloth was up there with her.  They sleep 18-20 hours a day and are nocturnal.  So you really only see them move at night.  Boo. 

Here's the hippo Mallory and I got to pet when he was a baby. 

Mallory loves elephants! 

The mountain lions are never active.  So it was fun to see this one up and about.

My ballerina.

Edee was always the driver! 

It was a great day in Topeka!

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