Sunday, March 11, 2018

Shawnee St. Patrick's Day Parade

We planned a mini Girl Scout outing with the Shawnee St. Patrick's Day parade.  We met a few girls from Mallory's troop to watch the parade together.  Then after the parade, we walked the route and cleaned up trash as a service project for the Girl Scout month of service.  Too bad it was cold! 

Edee bundled up with a sleeping bag on her!

Mallory with her new hat! 

Edee got tired waiting for the parade.

Picking up trash along the route.  I was shocked by how many cigarette butts were everywhere.  I'm sure they weren't all from today.  But it was still gross. 

The workers:  Zaiya, Edee, Ruby, Brooklyn, Zadie, Amy & Mallory

Final bags of trash and smiles to be done.  It was cold! 

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