Friday, May 4, 2018

Mother/Daugther Tea

Girl Scouts has an event every year called Mother/Daughter Tea.  Last year Mallory was sick, but this year I got to take both girls. 

Here's Ella, Edee and Addison. 

This is Jayden and Mallory.  Notice the height difference! 

Edee and Addison

Edee and Rylan

The girls from Troop 3060 that came....Jayden, Amy, Mallory, Lauren S, Lauren H

The girls from Troop 1769 that came....Addison, Langley, Ryland, Emily, Edee, Ella, Addyson

The dance portion this year was really fun!  I actually embarrassed a girl in my troop that wasn't my daughter.  How great is that!?!? 

Steve took our picture when we got home. 

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